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 Wang Ying obtained a Master's degree in civil and commercial law from Northwest University of Political Science and Law. She is a member of the Youth Lawyers Committee and Real Estate Construction Committee of Shaanxi Lawyers Association.

  Her practice areas are mainly focused on corporate risk prevention and control, contract management, and financial business.

  In the financial sector, she specializes in microfinance, such as pawning, guaranteeing, small loans, and has worked as legal advisor for many enterprises in these areas. At present, Wang Ying’s main clients are Chang’an Trust, Shaanxi Energy Industry Investment, Xi'an Jiulong Pawnshop, Shaanxi Meixin Industry Investment, Xi'an Qujiang Wisdom Interactive Technology Marketing and Planning Company.

  In the course of serving clients, Wang Ying has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, and equipped herself with solid operational skills and good communication skills.

  At the same time, Wang Ying also has a profound theoretical foundation and has published a number of papers. Her serious and rigorous working style and pragmatic attitude are well-recognized by clients.


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