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XIAO Yujuan
  Xiao Yujuan, Master of Law of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, began to work as a lawyer in May 2010. She has rich litigation and non-litigation practical experience. Her main practice areas are finance and quasi-finance, corporate governance of upstream and downstream industries of construction projects and construction companies, contract review and management, securities listing and litigation-related dispute settlement. She has provided legal consulting services for a number of pawnshops, banks and construction companies.
  Her main clients are Chang’an Bank’s sub-branches and secondary branches in Xi'an, such as Economic and Technological Development Zone Sub-branch, Lianhu Road Sub-branch, Weiyang District Sub-branch, Baqiao District Sub-branch and Xixian New Area Sub-branch. She is also working with Xi'an Office of RuiBo Wealth (Beijing) Investment Management, Shaanxi Energy Industry Investment, Shaanxi Youser Group, and Shaanxi Youser Photovoltaic Technology.
  In the course of her career, Ms. Xiao has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and is able to provide clients with reasonable and effective legal advice based on their actual needs. Her rigorous, efficient and professional legal service has received unanimous recognition and praise from clients.

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