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  After graduating from Northwest University of Political Science and Law with a master's degree in civil and commercial law in 2015, Zhang Sitao worked in the Yantai District People's Court, Xi'an, as a judge assistant and she was involved in hearing civil and commercial cases. Since December 2015, she has joined Standard & Professional Law Offices and served as an assistant lawyer.

  Ms. Zhang is responsible for daily legal service management of consulting agencies for construction and real estate industry. She has rich experience in contract review, consultation reply and law popularization training. At the same time, she offers supporting legal work in due diligence for M&A, large-scale litigation and arbitration cases. She is specialized in legal instruments and cross-examination in court.

  Ms. Zhang has a solid legal foundation. In each case, she does her best to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients by weighing the pros and cons and adhering to the principle of taking facts as the basis and law as the criteria.

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