Law facilitates financing.
We will do our utmost to help you achieve financial goals.
  We provide professional legal services for financial institutions and quasi-financial entities, including banks, securities firms, fund houses, trust companies, insurance companies, financial leasing companies, and internet financing platforms.
  Our business covers bank loans, disposal of non-performing assets, investment and financing, private equity, asset securitization, debt restructuring, equity merger, asset acquisition and systematic reform of state-owned enterprises.
  The long-term provision of financial legal services helps us accumulate rich practical experience and build an extensive client network, and we are deeply aware of clients’ requirement and therefore able to provide them with practical legal solutions which facilitate their financial transactions.
  We have offered professional legal services to the following agencies:
• Xi’an Chang’an Road Sub-branch of China Construction Bank Corporation
• Xi'an Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd.
• Xi’an Lianhu Road Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
• Chang'an Bank Co., Ltd. 
• Xi'an Lianhu District Sub-branch of Chang'an Bank Co., Ltd.
• Xi'an Weiyang District Sub-branch of Chang'an Bank Co., Ltd.
• Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone Sub-branch of Chang'an Bank Co., Ltd.
• Xi'an Baqiao District Sub-branch of Chang'an Bank Co., Ltd.
• Xixian New Area Sub-branch of Chang’an Bank Co., Ltd.
• CCB Trust Co., Ltd.
• Chang’an Trust Co., Ltd.
  • Bohai Securities Co., Ltd.
Fund & Investment:
  • Shenzhen Qianhai Leading Win Fund Management Co., Ltd.
  • Xi'an Tianyin Investment Management Limited Partnership
  • Shaanxi Dingsheng Jiezuo Equity Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership)
  • Shaanxi Han Lin Shi Fang Investment Development Co., Ltd.
  • Shaanxi Energy Industry Investment Limited Partnership
Asset Management:
  • Xi’an Office of China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation
  • China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.
We provide the following legal services:
  • Preparation of legal documents that serve the transaction purposes of financial enterprises.
  • Transaction framework design for fund, trust plans or asset management plans and issuance of specific legal opinions.
  • Registration and change of fund managers.
  • Raising, operation and exit of fund, trust plans or asset management plans.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Design, drafting and reviewing of investment and financing plans.
  • Bank loans, reclamation of creditors’ rights, and disposal of non-performing assets.
  • Losses assessment and claim settlement of insured events.
  • Conducting due diligence for major events of a company.
  • Issuance of legal opinions on major events of a company.
  • Assisting a company in its project negotiation and transaction conclusion.
  • Acting as a long-term legal consultant for financial enterprises.
  • Trainings on financial laws and regulations and risk prevention.
  • Litigation and arbitration.