We uphold the philosophy of “integrity, collaboration, excellence and win-win” and we follow the code of conduct of treating people sincerely and keeping commitment honestly. We insist on professional division of work and team collaboration and take talent cultivation and brand building as our development direction. Our ultimate goal is to promote a win-win outcome for all parties and achieve common progress.
   Standard & Professional Law Offices is one of the few law firms that earnestly implement a corporate governance mechanism. All employees are salaried and our lawyers are divided into eight groups based on their specialized areas, including finance, construction and real estate, capital, labor relations, dispute settlement, cross-border business, mineral resources and innovative business. Work of the eight groups is coordinated and managed by partners so as to guarantee timely, professional, high-quality and efficient services to our clients.
  We are also the first local law firm to set up supporting departments of marketing, knowledge management and quality control. We aim to enhance client experience through marketing, strengthen innovative capacity through knowledge management and guarantee quality of our service through quality control.
   We are convinced that only when we match our management to changes of times will we make progress constantly and bring to our clients the best service.